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President: Aubrey Posey Hitchcock, Esq.

Elected 11/2021   Term Expires 11/30/23   2nd Term

Vice President: Irene Rausch

Elected 11/2021   Term Expires 11/30/23   2nd Term

Secretary: Marianne Fisher

Elected 08/2021   Term Expires 11/30/24   2nd Term

Treasurer: Darren Vermont
Elected 11/2021   Term Expires 11/30/23   1st Term

Director: Tom Camp

Elected 11/2020   Term Expires 11/30/24   2nd Term

Director: Karla Gowen

Elected 11/2020   Term Expires 11/30/24   2nd Term

Director: Christine Plescher

Elected 11/2021  Term Expires 11/30/23   1st Term

Director: Catoura East
Elected 11/2022  Term Expires 11/30/24
   1st Term

Director: Vacant
Term Expires 11/30/23

Code of Conduct

for Board Members of the Guardian Association of Pinellas County

Board Members of Guardian Association of Pinellas County (GAPC) serve in a variety of roles within the organization, including but not limited to:

  • Collectively managing GAPC’s business affairs with an emphasis on developing and implementing policies and practices that are ethically sound and fair to all stakeholders.

  • Acting on behalf of and for GAPC and carrying out all legal and fiduciary responsibilities subject to the limitations and requirements of law, the articles of incorporation and GAPC by-laws.

  • Managing oneself in a manner that is consistent with GAPC’s goals and serving as a role model to members by professionally conducting GAPC business in a transparent, orderly, and ethical fashion.

As a GAPC Board Member, I agree to:

  • Work collectively with the board to advocate for GAPC and its mission, wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself within my personal and professional network.
  • Conduct Board duties in a manner that is inclusive and supports creative interaction among members while avoiding divisive conduct that stifles dissenting or alternative views.
  • Keep board matters private and within the GAPC board and avoid discussing board business or decisions with board members outside of GAPC board functions.
  • Refrain from discussing board business and resulting decisions with non-board members unless authorized and agreed upon by the board.
  • Respect the confidentiality of information, especially personal information which may be revealed during board business.
  • Maintain a united front with non-board members regarding board decisions even if one’s own view is a dissenting or minority opinion.
  • Disclose my involvement with other organizations, businesses, or individuals where such a relationship presents a conflict of interest or could be viewed as a conflict of interest.
  • Exercise the duties and responsibilities of my position(s) with integrity, collegiality, and care.
  • Make attending all board and committee meetings a high priority, including attending virtual meetings with both voice and video capability.
  • Be prepared to discuss the issues and business on the agenda, having read all background material relevant to the topics at hand.
  • Cooperate with and respect the opinions of fellow board members, keep personal prejudices out of all board discussions and support Board actions, even if I did not personally support such action.
  • Put GAPC’s interest above personal or professional interests.
  • Represent GAPC in a positive and supportive manner.
  • Show respect and act in a civil manner to all board members and GAPC members.
  • Refrain from intruding on administrative issues that are the responsibility of management, except to monitor the results and ensure that procedures are consistent with board policy.
  • Observe established lines of communication and directing requests for information or assistance to the executive director.

contact us

Guardian Association of Pinellas County, Inc.
Address: PO Box 1826, Pinellas Park FL 33780
Email: Information@guardianassociation.org

DISCLAIMER: Guardian Association of Pinellas County (GAPC) does not promote or vouch for the services provided by any of its members.  Members wishing to do business with one another are strongly encouraged to do their own public records searches and background screenings before entering into any business relationship.  GAPC accepts no liability for any information identified from those searches/screenings or any claims arising from any verbal or written agreements members may engage in with one another.

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