Summary of Proposed Bylaws Changes for November 2020

The Bylaws Committee met over the course of several months and recommends the following changes to make the bylaws internally consistent, to implement policies previously adopted by the Board or to make certain formatting requirements.  All changes will be voted on in advance of the November meeting through an electronic ballot. 

  • Eliminates section numbers of .01 where there is no section .02 throughout the bylaws
  • Moves Article II, Section 3.03 to Article II, Section 2.07 as it does not reflect a “Mission” statement which is Section 3.03
  • Adds statement that members do not have authority to act on the Association’s or the Board’s behalf
  • Revises the Classes of Membership to make each membership type subject to the same process for application and approval
  • Clarifies that memberships will be terminated upon non-payment, eliminating any discretionary enforcement
  • Adds a timeline for readmission for any member whose membership is terminated due to nonpayment or other issues
  • Clarifies that the President’s designee can engage an employee or independent contractor to perform certain tasks and requires that any such individual be subject to an executed written contract to define the individual’s scope of work
  • Implements previously implemented board policies that nominees for board positions are subject to a Level II background screening and that Board members must comply with the Board of Directors Code of Conduct
  • Ensures that board action taken via video conferencing has the same effect as action taken with a phone call or at an in-person meeting
  • Prohibits a board member who is removed from office from serving on the board for one year following removal
  • Requires members to approve the annual budget
  • Revises the description of the bylaws committee to accurately reflect its role

You can read the draft By-Laws with the rationale for each change by downloading the PDF file here:

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