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To Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse in Guardianship Cases

Call: (727) 45-FRAUD
or Write: Public Integrity Unit
Division of Inspector General
Guardianship Fraud Hotline
510 Bay Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756
Fax: (727) 464-8386
E-Mail: To Report Fraud - Email Here
Internet: Click Here for Fraud Information
Keyword Search: Fraud

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Guardian Association of Pinellas County, Inc.
Address: PO Box 1826, Pinellas Park FL 33780
Email: Information@guardianassociation.org

DISCLAIMER: Guardian Association of Pinellas County (GAPC) does not promote or vouch for the services provided by any of its members.  Members wishing to do business with one another are strongly encouraged to do their own public records searches and background screenings before entering into any business relationship.  GAPC accepts no liability for any information identified from those searches/screenings or any claims arising from any verbal or written agreements members may engage in with one another.

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